Welcome to The Ambitious Traveller!

The ambitious traveller was inspired by my love of all things travel. My work and life experience has seen me travel all over the world, and has seen me work within the travel, hospitality and retail industries which has now provided the base for me to establish this business.
My life now revolves around two little people, my husband, working full time, and study. It’s busy, it’s unorganised, chaotic and mostly a little crazy and then I throw plans in for the next trip. My husband especially loves this part – said with sarcasm.
Even when I was younger, I’ve always travelled. Those days were spent in the car on long road trips with my sisters and parents, and whilst we tend to travel by air these days, we still do the odd road trip and there is something to be said about taking in the surrounds as its also about the journey, not just the destination.
I’m here to inspire you on that journey, whether it be by road, train or air, everyone needs clothes, luggage and all things travel to allow you to travel in style, comfort and a little bit of glamour.
I’m even going to throw in my recommendations of places to stay, eat and play whether you are a solo traveller, a family with kids or a couple.
Please join me on this journey as the ambitious traveller.

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